Garage B
Garage B is a bicycle-based social program geared towards engaging at-risk youth through a unique combination of mentoring, training and meaningful employment.

Our goal is to provide practical skills in a safe, supportive environment to help them increase self-esteem, develop confidence and show them that, as members of a larger community, they have a responsibility to others and that their help and ideas are needed and valued. You can help us help them – simply by sending your bike to us for servicing!

The Squeaky Wheel Program
The Squeaky Wheel Program is a five-week 'Basic Bike Repair and Maintenance' training program. Upon completion, trainees are given the chance to participate in Garage B's Work Experience and Apprenticeship Program.

Ultimately, it is our aim to get our youth into paid employment through job opportunities with local bike shops. Even if they do not end up working in the bike industry, the hands-on mechanical concepts they learn will serve as a foundation for other technical trades.