Custom building your dream bike is the best way to ensure it physically fits you, your riding style and intended purpose for the bike. By curating your own frame & fork, saddle, headset, handlebars, brakes, crankset, and wheels, you're less likely to end up with a collection of parts that you'll later need to upgrade. Get advice on everything from basic bike fitting to technical compatibility.

Our Pro Bike Build service includes:

  • Complete inspection of all parts, including the alignment of the frame & fork
  • Careful assembly of your bike with all fasteners tightened and torqued to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Brakes and derailleurs aligned and adjusted to perfection
  • Bottom bracket, headset and wheel bearings adjusted
  • Chain lightly degreased and lubricated
  • Pivot points (if applicable) lubricated
  • Wheels laterally, radially trued and dished
  • Tires inflated to recommended air pressure
  • Bike test ridden before final inspection